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Borrow Up To £1,000 With Our Online Payday Loans!

CentaurLoans.co.uk can deposit as much as £1,000 into your personal bank account before the end of the day. Applying is super easy…

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At some point, everyone struggles to meet their financial obligations. More importantly, not everyone has the luxury of relying on a friend or close relative in times of financial shortcomings or hardships. This is where Centaur Loans can help. For whatever reason, you can easily borrow as much as £1,000 and pay it back in the manner that best suits you. Simply apply, get approved, and the cash will transfer to your bank account in as little as 15 minutes – whether it’s day or night.


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• Cash sent in 15 minutes or less
• Borrow anywhere between £100 – £1,000
• Borrow the money for any reason
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• 100% online application
• Simple 1-minute application
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Over 97% of our clients would readily recommend us to their family and friends.


Get Your Instant Cash Loan Today


Centaur Loans works much like other top payday lenders. Once you apply, you can choose the date on which you want to repay the loan. You can even choose to repay the loan early without penalty and save on interest.


Here’s what you need in order to qualify:

• You must be 18 years of age or older
• Have a valid UK bank account
• Be a resident of the UK


If you need a quick cash loan today, simply take a minute to fill out our easy online application form, and your money can be transferred in just 15 minutes.


Easy Payday Loans


The concept of payday loans originated in the U.S., but has increasingly grown in popularity across the UK over recent years. With some banks unable or unwillingly to loan money to just anyone, lending institutions like Centaur Loans are coming to the rescue to help the general public. Short-term, quick cash loans are a readily available financial tool that can be utilised for virtually any reason. They’re a great alternative when there’s nowhere else to turn for financial help.


Applying for a Centaur Loan is as simple as 1-2-3. Just enter your details on the form and wait to receive your quick cash loan. Unlike other money lending sites, there’s no need to call or fax, everything is automatically processed and completed online.


Your Quick Cash Loan


Centaur Loans understands that anyone using the service likely needs the cash as quickly as possible in order to pay for things like an unexpected car bill or an urgent medical bill. And since people can’t always borrow from a friend or family member, a short-term loan is the perfect solution.


With this type of loan, time is essential. That’s why everything is done to ensure the borrower receives their money as quickly as possible once they fill out the easy online application. A special kind of bank transfer is then used to make sure the cash is sent in the absolute quickest time possible and is ready to serve the borrower’s financial needs immediately and efficiently.

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